Alan Saperstein and Randy Selman now known as Onstream media presented a presentation as “ConventionView”, to investors in New York for the first publicly ‘virtual tradeshow’.  As per marketing trade  convention view was increasingly popular and met with some early success of the company. It also provide rich source of marketing data, by tracking and evaluating activities of each participants from all over the globe.

Convention view used as a meeting or a discussion of action on particular matters of common concern for those who share common interest  like National meetings by specialists. It is also offer formulating platform were people will selecting for offices or works.

Virtual events also called as iVent, replicates a physical-location based event in online form. It include conference, product or institute launch or recruitment fair from your comfort of your home or office  through the laptop and mobile and with internet facilities.

In modern days , it’s means that every event no matter how small or big needs to become an impressive experience. And our new generation will settle for nothing else. So, we need to enhance our live streaming. It makes an impressive convention view which helps us  to interact with each other.

That’s why it essentially needed a trustworthy event management software. Effective marketing on social media, live streaming etc. This is very useful tool for sales people who would then know the quality of the lead.

“Nothing is going to replace, before it transform to confectionary and impressive”

Simply, adopt some advance techniques and technologies to upgrade our platform which makes us more efficient in virtual world.

With AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual realty) it will be possible in easiest way. AR and VR bridge the digital and physical worlds. It allows us to take in information and content visually, in the same way we take in the world.

AR (Augmented reality) overlay digital content and information onto the physical world, if they’re actually there with us in our own place with same space example Pokemon GO craze is a well-known application of AR. It lets us comfortable to search things visually . Simply pointing camera at them example pixel camera. AR dramatically expands the ways our devices. That can help us everyday like shopping, searching, and also show our self.

In other hand, VR lets us experience what it’s like to go anywhere from first row of class to distant planets in outer space. It is completely immersed in a computer-generated reality when they experiences virtual reality. World of gaming , military, engineering, and construction, healthcare, education, business and more adopted this technology, VR.  VR implies a complete immersion experience that shut out the physical world. It can remove the user from that real-world experience, replacing it with a completely simulated one.

When we transform virtual events with AR and VR, then augmented reality applies algorithm and sensors to detect the position of the camera , and then superimposes 3D graphics/ objects into user’s view via smartphones/ glasses/ projections. And virtual reality works in entertainment  as video games and 3D cinema.

This transformation offers users more freedom of action. AR and VR didn’t die out.  Implement AR and VR into our business as like-

  • With creative brands, it can provide engaging UX, bring people together, improve employee training, and increase customer happiness  in impressive way.
  • It helps to break the mold and stand out from the competition.
  • With Digitally native it attract a millennial audiences.
  • It creates personalized employee learning systems.
  • Provide a more impressive user experience.
  • It is  a software proof  of concept example automotive, retail, video gaming etc.

“Technology that integrates virtual and real-world elements”

While all are impressive technologies, it’s based upon us what we choose and implement which gives  flow of comfort.

Virtual events makes  us adaptable from real world and wit AR and VR it become advance platform to be use. Now days every person is busy in their life and they keen to learn or introduced with new advance technologies.

Everyone wants comfort and advance technologies, that attract them easily.  This transformation is beneficial for students ,learn in a simulated(but very real). AR and VR technologies are living up to and surpassing expectation or fulfil needs in terms of making riveting user experiences.

“Transformation is aspects of nature and nature on life platform,  And  technologies specify this with impressive manner.”

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