What is SEO?

search engine optimzation

SEO full form stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

After all the hard work you have done to build your website, it is important that your website is visible to your customers through organic search. With the help of SEO tools and techniques, your page gets a higher rank.  SEO marketingmeans an increase in traffic on your website. SEO keywords are a vital cardsof digital marketing. It helps you improve the quality of your website Hence, your business must come up on top of Google search results pages so that customers can visit your site. It is SEO that enables this vital online marketing objective. SEO friendly aligned to your specific business requirement and audience profile has the greatest chances of meeting successful outcomes. With Digital Asia, we turn on this advantage for your company with prolific SEO best practices in Noida.

Search Engine Techniques

search engine optimzation

On Page SEO

  1.  Keyword research (online and offline)
  2. Meta Tags/Title/Description
  3. Content Optimization
  4. Structured Data Markup
  5. Speed Optimization

Off Page SEO

  1. Article Submission
  2. Social Media
  3. Broken Link Building
  4. Monitoring Competitor’s Backlinking

Technical SEO

  1. Mobile/Desktop Responsive Website
  2. Canonical Error
  3. Inline CSS, Minification CSS and JavaScript
  4. Custom 404