We provide you a fully qualified top level domain name that will help you for future success. Is the domain name available is always a big question? But don’t worry that is not your stress anymore, we provide you domain name lists that are available to use. Here at Digital Asia, our domain experts will help you to figure out the best business domain name as well as domain extensions. The right domain name for your business can do wonders. A domain name helps drive traffic to the website, so we must choose the accurate name for our website. Domain value  is  not just the name of your website they also help to build a brand.

Web Hosting Services the way you want

Services of our Web Hosting


The best purpose of web hosting is to provide you space on the server. All the content of your website, graphic, media, storage used by mails, and content downloaded by users on the web page are the result of a relevant web hosting plan.


Data transfer 

 How much data can be transferred at one time depends on your web hosting. We help you choose a plan that has high data speed transfer. We choose data transfer more than the requirement for any additional activity like content or traffic.


Dedicated IP address 

An Internet Protocol dedicated server address is good for your website search engine optimization. A dedicated IP address helps in the secure transaction between web servers and browsers. This is why an SSL certificate will be required by your website to ensure secure transactions.

Web Hosting Uptime 

Uptime is important for your web server quality and maintenance. Web hosting uptime is measured in percentage i.e 99%. Downtime of 1% may look nice, but this means in a month our website is not visible to our users for 7.2 hours a month. Downtime for your website is a risk.

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