Brief Knowledge About Brand Management

   Clear And Brief Knowledge About Brand Management

Brand management is the process of managing your brand reputation and improving your audience’s perception of your brand in a way that builds brand awareness, equity, and loyalty. While branding is the process of building your brand, brand management is the process of monitoring and maintaining it. Brand management is comprised of both tangible and intangible components. We’ll discuss the tangibles in the following section.

The intangible components, however, include the principles that help you measure your brand management efforts and achieve those brand management success indicators that we discussed above.

You’ll also note that each of these principles can influence the others on this list. For example, heightened brand awareness can contribute to brand reputation, and increased brand loyalty can affect brand equity.

Your brand assets are the tangible components of the brand management process, the parts of your branding that your audience can see, experience, and remember. Brand assets include any piece of your branding or marketing that is seen by the “outside world” — customers, employees, or the general public.

Brand asset management is the process of crafting and maintaining these tangible elements as well as keeping them consistent throughout your branding. This could look like:

·         organizing your brand assets (both digitally and physically)

·         creating an accessible digital and/or physical storage system for your brand assets, or implementing a tool that does this for you

·         instructing your team on how to access and use your brand assets

·         conducting routine checks for brand inconsistencies and correcting when necessary